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Trade    2018  Center for Furniture Craftsmandship    RockPort, ME    Certification

Trade    2017    Penland School of Crafts: Christina Boy    Penland, NC    Certification

B.A.   Ÿ   2012   Ÿ University of South Florida    Tampa, FL   Ÿ  Sculpture


EMT   Ÿ   2008   Ÿ   Santa Fe College   Ÿ   Gainesville, FL   Ÿ   Certification



2017      "REUNION"     Corner Gallery      Washington, ME

2014   Ÿ   “The Art of Stewardship”   Ÿ   Corner Gallery   Ÿ   Washington, ME


2013   Ÿ   “Wood in Art”   Ÿ   6th Street Studio   Ÿ   Gainesville, FL


2012   Ÿ   “Finale’s”   Ÿ   Nancy Oliver Gallery   Ÿ   Tampa, FL



2018- Current Facilities > The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship

2013- 2019 Director > Medomak Family Camp

2015-2017 Maker > BDDW Furniture Co.

2012-2015 Maker > Circle Square Studios [Alexis Dold]

2010- 2015 Restoration > Roadside Relics

2011-2012 Display > Anthropologie [URBN]

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