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Chelsea Witt is a woodworker, illustrator, and educator. Their work explores shapes and the way that simplicity and complication coexist. Chelsea has a passion for teaching those who would not normally have access to woodworking education. Chelsea volunteers for the Furniture Society, a Workshop of Our own.

​After graduating from the University of South Florida with a BFA in 2012 they have worked and taken opportunities up and down the east coast seeking growth in furniture making specifically. Chelsea has worked for and or studied under artists such as Alexis Dold, Tyler Hays (BDDW), Christina Boy, Aaron Fedarko, and David Upfill-Brown. They have attended courses at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina and The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine.

Currently Chelsea is teaching age 10-18 year olds in New Jersey and spends the summers in Mid Coast Maine teaching and focusing on their personal practice. 



I thought I was going to be a surgeon since about the age of 6. I was on the path and doing everything I should do. I never knew how to combine my desire for that and my creative ventures. It was't until my senior year of college, while pursuing both art and medicine, that I decided to end my path to become a surgeon. I discovered that the handwork that I longed for in surgery was being fulfullid in my new found medium: wood. 

Woodworking quickly became a drive of interest as the meticulous thought, measurement, and accuracy required to work with it and create fine furniture seemed to fall inline with that needed in the surgical field. The passion for furniture design followed shortly after when thinking of the greater good for human use and how to keep others in touch with the world around us. 




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